Jakob Elvstrøm, saxophone

My name is Jakob Elvstrøm and I'm a Danish saxophone player.

I call myself versatile, and love playing music in a lot of different styles on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. From jazz to ambient to rock’n’roll and playing around 150 gigs a year in everything from churches to bars.
However I have spend a lot of time playing funky music on my alto saxophone. Which is what I am best known for.

I have released 5 solo-albums "SaxClub vol.1" (2009), "SaxClub vol.2" (2013), "PLAY IT BACK" (2014) 1st cd in the Funky Sessions series, "Silent Sax" (2016) and the 2nd cd in the series "Funky Sessions" "ElectrOrleans" (2020).
Both SaxClub albums have been very well received and have had airplay (Danish P3 and P4) and internet streaming all over the world (from Canada to Spain).

Need saxophone, give me a call!


Latest release by Jakob Elvstrøm is Autumn Leaves