Short Bio:

I was born in 1966 on Funen Island in Denmark, as the oldest of 3 children. At age 10 I took up the piano and at the age 12 I started to play the trumpet, attending the local Music School and playing in different bands (among others "Ymer Tango" with my younger brother Esben on the drums).
In 1982 my father bought an old smashed Buescher alto-saxophone, which I immidiately fell in love with. I found that playing the saxophone was much easier for me, than the trumpet.
In 1984 I got a cassette-tape copy of David Sanborn's album "Hideaway" from my cousin Marianne. I was, and still am, completely spellbound over mr.Sanborn's ability to play. Something of the same happened when I bought the "Alligator Boogaloo" album by Lou Donaldson in 1992.
In 1987 I moved to Aarhus, the 2. largest city of Denmark. I started to play a lot with smaller bands.
I wanted to be an Ingenieur, but realised I got really bored with all the Maths. From 1988-1990 I got a bachelor degree in Music Science at the University og Aarhus and in 1991-1995 I studied at the Conservatory in Aarhus.
At that time I also met the danish entertainer and jazz-musician Sigurd Barrett, and I have been playing with him ever since!
In 1993 I formed my first self-titled band the "Jakob Elvstrøm Quartet" which played a lot of gigs in the late 90ies, check out our website. At the moment the band is not active.
Since 1995 I've been of playing and teaching only.
From 1998-2001 I lived in Copenhagen, but moved back to marry my wife Anne.
I now live outside Aarhus in Odder, where I play funky music in my Backyard shed.
I still teach and play in a lot of different bands (check my calendar and the links page).