The information below is for the very interested! I am in no way associated with or sponsored by anybody.

ALTO: Selmer Mark VI with Dukoff D7 metal mouthpiece, with a BG goldplated ligature and Rigotti Gold 3 1/3 light reeds.
BARITONE: Selmer Mark VI with Theo Wanne metal and Rigotti 3 light reeds.
TENOR: Selmer Mark VII with Theo Wanne and Rigotti 3 light reeds.
SOPRANO: Yanagisawa 992 curved soprano with Selmer Jazz J/Dukoff D7 metalmouthpiece and Rigotti reeds.
SOPRANO: Selmer Mark VI, straight soprano.
AKAI EWI4000s.
Old Kohlert Bb wooden clarinet with Vandoren B45.
Yamaha flute.

AMT Wi-5 wireless (live)
Sennheiser MD 441 U3 (live)
Neumann TLM 103 (recording)

Zoom G3 multiFX (live), cheap and very good.
electro-harmonix QTRON+ (touchwah, for recording)
electro-harmonix Ring Thing (for recording)
Eventide PitchFactor (recording), harmonizer/tracker/chorus.

Macbook Pro with Logic Studio X/Studio One 2/Ableton Live.