Stilhedens hav, beautiful and meditative synthjazz with synthesizer and electronica master Niels Ulbrandt.
electric sheep, elctronica psalms by legendary danish poet Grundtvig.
Hverdagsturist, a blend between my storytelling cousin Bolette and myself, mixing stories with music and soundscapes....
Lounge Sax, if you like lounge music played on the saxophone, then check this out
Blue Notes, if you need some relaxed and classy music
Jazz og salmer, not funky either, but beautiful Danish hymns with a large pint of jazz, in this trio you'll hear the excellent Ulrik Spang-Hanssen on the organ (and I've played with the guy since 1994!).
Jakob Elvstrøm Quartet, my first band, sleeping at the moment.
Trio de Luxe, not exactly funky, but if you need some well-played music for your next party, this band is what you need!

Bertolt Brecht coldwar HUAC hearing, Mr. Brecht being accused of communist activities in Nazi Germany, extremely absurd!
Space sounds, an amazing site with a swedish space entusiast who has collected recordings of intergalactic conversations!

(I'm not sponsored by or associated with any of the firms below, but I like them anyway)
Thomann online musicstore in Germany, I'm buying all my music gear from them.
Rigotti reeds, a small factory in the south of France, where I buy all my saxophone reeds.
Musicroom, this is where I buy most of my sheet music. They have a nice store in Denmarkstreet in London as well. Britains largest sax store, I've visited they're shop in London and occasionally buy things online.
Saxofonværkstedet in Aabyhøj, Denmark, Henrik Møller takes good care of my saxophones (and he's a nice guy as well!)