About Jakob Elvstrøm

Short Bio

Jakob Elvstrøm was born in 1966 on Funen Island in Denmark, as the oldest of 3 children in a music and art loving family.
At age 10 he took up the piano and trumpet and finally at the age of 15 the saxophone.
He attended the local Assens Musikskole and played in small bands among others "Ymer Tango" with his younger brother Esben Elvstrøm on drums.
From 1988-1990 Jakob Elvstrøm got a bachelor degree in Music Science at the University of Aarhus and in 1991-1995 he enrolled the brand new RM-line (Rytmisk Musik) at the Conservatory in Aarhus.
In 1993 he formed the "Jakob Elvstrøm Quartet" which played lots of gigs in the late 90ies and was a regular at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, and playing sold-out concerts.
Since 1995 he has been making a living as a professionel musician   playing and teaching.
Jakob now lives in the small town Odder in Jutland with his wife Anne and their 3 children and is rehearsing and playing funky music in his backyard studio, when he is not teaching or touring.
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Played with

Among others Jakob has been playing with (in no particular order):

Kato, Karen Mukuba, Karsten Vogel, Per Vers, Sigurd Barrett, Ida Nielsen, Kuku Agami, Lou Donaldson, Pee Wee Ellis, Kjeld Lauritsen, Stefan Pasborg, Martin Schack, Palle Torp, Søren Sko, Camille Jones, John Blackwell (NPG), DJ Kongsted, Nikolaj Hess, DJ Static, Jakob Bro, Lars Jansson, Pierre Swärd, Veronica Mortensen, Niels HP, Thera Hoeijmans, Jesper Riis, Uffe Steen, Al Agami, Bobo Moreno, DJ Rasmus Skøtt, Per Gade, Esben Just, Jesper Thilo, Raz Conway, Miriam Mandipira, Nellie Ettison, Pojken Flensborg, Allan Mortensen, James Loveless, Jakob Sveistrup, Hugo Rasmussen, Per Frost, Peter Vuust, Kresten Osgood, Tom Bilde, Mads Bærentsen, Georg Olesen, Lars "Jazzy" Daugaard, Sarah Da Silva.....

and lots of others which have been forgotten (sorry!).....


The information below is for the very interested! Jakob Elvstrøm is in no way associated with or sponsored by anybody.

ALTO: Selmer Mark VI • Le Bayle Studio 7 mpc • Aizen SO 7 mpc • Rigotti Gold 2.5 medium reeds
TENOR: Selmer Mark VI • Claude Lakey Apollo 7* mpc w/ Legere American Cut 2.5 reeds • Dave Guardala “King” mpc w/ Rigotti Gold 2.5 medium reeds
BARITONE: Selmer Mark VI • Vandoren V16 B7 mpc • Legere Signature 2.5 reeds
SOPRANO: Selmer Mark VI • Claude Lakey 6/3 mpc • Legere American Cut 2.5 reeds
CLARINET: Selmer series 9 wooden Bb clarinet• Vandoren 7JB mpc • Legere Signature 2.5 reeds 
FLUTE: Yamaha silver

DPA4099 microphone with Line6 G50 wireless system (main system live)
Sennheiser MD441 (occasionally live)
Neumann TLM 103 (recording)

Zoom G3 multiFX (live)
electro-harmonix QTRON+ (recording)
electro-harmonix Ring Thing (recording)
Eventide PitchFactor (recording)

Macbook Pro with Logic Studio X and Ableton Live


Latest release by Jakob Elvstrøm is Bird Reynolds: Chillout Saxophone