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You can find the music of Jakob Elvstrøm on almost any streaming service. As Spotify is the most common, here is a direct link to my profile music on spotify by Jakob Elvstrøm

Mix of “SoulMama” (SaxClub vol.2) • Good Going (Play it Back) • Make It Flow (SaxClub vol.1) • French Quarter Revisited (ElectrOrleans) • Swedish Trolls (Silent Sax)


Die Vier Jahreszeiten project: one song covering each season • spoken word / funk / jazz (2021-)
SaxClub: Vol.1 (2009), Vol. 2 (2012) • Funky music / smoothjazz 
Funky sessions: Play It Back (2013), ElectrOrleans (2017) • inspired by souljazz
Silent Sax (2016) • ambient sax music
Jakob Elvstrøm Quartet: Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse (1995), The Party Ain’t Over Yet (2005) • acidjazz
Electric Sheep: electric grundtvig (2002), Luther lagkage (2022)

JEQ_coverforside05_600x600elsheep600x600TakeOffCoverelsheep600x600LutherJEQ_liveChpJazz_600x600Autumn Leaves


Latest release by Jakob Elvstrøm is Bird Reynolds: Chillout Saxophone