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Need live saxophone - try this

For daily use(!):
: Tenorsaxophone with backing tracks on Ipad and battery powered amp. Relaxing music anywhere - anytime
Trio de luxe: Good old fashioned and handplayed dance music for your next party or wedding.
Blue notes: Classic piano and saxophone combo, playing jazz and bossa nova music.

DizzcoJazzco: Electric acidjazz, a funky fusion between EDM and jazz and hiphop. Works excellent on any dance floor.
Bird Reynolds: Instrumental smooth jazz, original compositions and arrangements. Think summer and cool drinks.
King of Burlesque: Erotic and funky duo with Hammond organ and a vintage Roland drum machine. Icecold Dubonnet and the 1970ies are back. A mixture of original compositions and classic Burlesque music.

Soul Ceremony: instrumental and soulful gospel music for an uplifting church concert.
Electric sheep: One of my oldest bands, with the amazing singer Maria Kynne from Copenhagen. Danish thinker and psalm maestro per se N.F.S. Grundtvig with electronica.

Stilhedens hav: Duo with electronic musician Niels Ulbrandt on keyboards and electronica exploring the songs of the moon. A mix of original compositions and wonderful classics like “Fly me to the Moon"

Gamle danske dyrefabler: Together with storyteller Bolette Elvstrøm (Jakobs cousin), the old tales from the late 1900th century collected by Evald Tang Kristensen

Grundtvig lever


Latest release by Jakob Elvstrøm is Bird Reynolds: Chillout Saxophone